How To Write A Cold Email To A Potential Client

If you want to reach new potential clients, then cold email is a great way to do it. Here are 7 proven strategies that we will cover in this article that will help you to write a cold email to a potential get some proven outreach scripts at the end :)

  1. Understand this is business, not personal.
  2. Use curiosity in your subject lines.
  3. Get a response.
  4. Quality not quantity.
  5. Follow up.
  6. Know your benchmark numbers.
  7. Test, test, test.

Cold email can be an extremely effective route to market for your business, but it requires a certain mindset and approach that most business owners don’t have.

When entrepreneurs proclaim that cold email doesn’t work...keep in mind what they’re actually saying is…"I tried cold email and it didn’t work for me...therefore it doesn’t work”.

Nothing could be farther from the truth...Cold email certainly does work.

So here’s what you need to know if you want to take advantage of an extremely low cost, highly effective method to grow your business.

Caveat Before We Begin…

I’m going to tell you in this article what you need to know to make cold email work...NOT what you want to hear, most business owners do what they feel comfortable with, not what they need to do...that said...Here we go :)

1. Understand We’re Looking For Business, Not Making Friends

Business Growth is a numbers game and if you reach enough people to successfully will also reach enough people to get some less than positive responses to your efforts.

Ignore it, delete it and move on.

There’s no platform or route to market that I’ve used that doesn’t irritate somebody. If you’re willing to pull the plug the first time you get a’re doomed.

To succeed with cold email, volume is key. Don’t let one or two negative replies holt your efforts.

The only real consideration here is are you legally compliant?

If the answer is YES...then keep going.

I’m not a lawyer and can’t offer legal advice on what is and is not compliant but here is a link to the FTC website on US laws around cold outreach.

2. Curiosity Headlines Get Emails Opened

If prospects don’t open your doesn’t matter what’s inside! Don’t tell them in the subject line, it removes all incentives to open the email. Use curiosity.

For example, some great Subject Lines that have worked well in the past and still work are:

  • About your business
  • Are you the right person?
  • Re:
  • I have a question

Just remember, the subject needs to be able to be connected to the message or else you're in spam territory.

For Example:

Subject: About your business


A quick question about your business…Are you looking for a new website?

Curiosity is by far the best method we’ve found to get cold emails opened.

If your subject line in the above example was “Need A New Website?”  Open rates would be much lower.

3. Get A Response

The entire purpose of the email body is to simply get the click. Again, curiosity is our friend here. DON’T over sell in the email...follow these few simple rules and you’ll be just fine.

  1. Immediately communicate the biggest outcome you provide...Your first sentence should tell the prospect what they will get if they read this email. For Example: "I can show you how to double your ecom sales in the next 30 days...guaranteed”.  You MUST give them a reason to read the email.
  2. Keep it short. Nobody is going to read a long email, especially seeing as they don’t know you! I would suggest 3 sentences MAX.
  3. Keep it focused on ONE outcome. DON’T try and sell 5 products plus get them to like your Facebook page and connect with you on LinkedIn. Keep it focused and that focus should be on Get The Click!
  4. Have a clear Call-To-Action...TELL THEM what you want them to do next...DON”T make the prospect guess!
  5. Have a retargeting pixel on the landing page. This will massively increase your success rates. You can follow up very inexpensively and much less obtrusively with retargeting ads than via email.

4. Quality Or Quantity?

I get asked all the time “should I focus on Quality or Quantity?”...the answer is both!

I would suggest building or buying a quality list and mailing it in volume. If you have to choose one...QUALITY beats quantity, but in reality you don’t have to chose, you can quite easily have both.

If you need email lists...Tools like provide great data at very affordable prices and also has a built in Email Tool to allow you to email the list directly from the tool.

You can get a FREE TRIAL of Lead Lantern here.

5. Follow Up

There’s a reason you’ve heard the money is in the follow up hundreds of times...It’s because the money is in the follow up.

This is super simple and can be automated by any of the above tools.

The best follow up message is simply…

Hey, just checking to see you got my last email...I haven’t heard from you!”

That’s it!

Cold Email Open Rates Benchmarks?

Good question...A rule of thumb we use internally is this:

<20% - Something's wrong. Wrong list / Wrong subject line / Spam box issues.

20%- 30% - Not good.

30% - 50% - Ok, we’re getting there

50% -70%+ - Training wheels are off

70%+ - Rockstar

Of course a lot will depend on the campaign. 50% opens to a handpicked list of 50 decision makers with a very personal message is not great.

20% to a purchased list of 50k is rock and roll :) So use your best judgement here!


Almost all of our successful campaigns failed to start with!

It’s very unlikely your first email send will be a home run, most of ours are not...but keep testing, keep changing the email until you get a winner.

You’re mining for gold here and once you find the right email list with the right’s literally a licence to print money!

Test small roll out big, that’s our philosophy...Don’t quit and keep that and YOU WILL find a GOLD MINE in Cold Email.

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