How to Get Email Lists for Marketing

Whether you buy a business email address, or you gather it by other means, here are seven ways you can keep your email lists fresh and your email marketing returns consistent:

  1. Understand your audience
  2. Have a website
  3. Join an email marketing service
  4. Create a valuable offer
  5. Promote your website/landing page on social media
  6. Use online paid ads
  7. Buy business email address

Email marketing is a lucrative strategy that consistently creates the best returns for every marketing dollar spent, but did you know the average email database has an attrition rate of about 22.5% every year? 

The people on your list are leading active careers, which means they may not be working at the same company the next time you email them. They may have retired, received a promotion, got demoted, or may have been sacked or laid off. The point is, there are any number of reasons why a fair portion of your email address will suddenly stop working each year.

If you don’t keep refreshing your email list and adding new addresses to it as often as you can, it will eventually become stale and produce poor results. Use these ideas to grow your email list and keep it current. 

1.      Understand Your Audience

It’s inefficient to collect emails without first understanding who it is you want to target with your email marketing campaign. Firing off a bunch of random emails will only net you disappointing results. 

A marketing persona, which is a made-up person possessing all the characteristics of your ideal customer, will give you all of the information you need about your audience. 

For instance, your buyer persona will tell you where your hottest prospects hang out socially online, and information about their most significant pain points. The more you know about your audience, the better your message will be at convincing them to hand over their email address. 

2.      Have a Website

Today there are plenty of reasons why you should have a website and none why you shouldn’t. For starters, it will be impossible to collect email addresses without one. You don’t need a full website to get started with collecting email addresses, as a single landing page will do. 

However, you do need an enticing offer to trade for an email address. Before you can collect an email, you must have an opt-in form. This form is where your prospect will enter contact details, which will include an email address. 

3.      Join an Email Marketing Service

An email marketing service is a platform that makes managing your email addresses and sending emails a lot easier. Most email services allow you to segregate your lists so you can improve your targeting for different offers, as well as help keep you in compliance with spam laws. 

The services start at free, such as Mailchimp and MailerLite which are free until you reach a certain level. Other services, like Infusionsoft, are more expensive but provide a more in-depth interface for creating email sequences, drip campaigns, and the like. 

4.      Create a valuable offer

With so much spam entering everybody’s inbox every day, people have learned to value their email addresses. They aren’t just going to hand them over just because you said please. 

You need to provide an enticing offer if you are to stand any chance of continuing the relationship. Your buyer persona will come in handy here, as it will help you figure out what your audience most wants. 

Your offer can be anything, as long as it is relevant and solves a problem. You could provide a month’s worth of free access to your software, a report on how to solve a problem or anything else that will improve the prospect’s life or add value. 

5.      Promote on Social Media

If you already have a few active social media profiles, then you’ve got the perfect platform from which to launch your email gathering campaign. Let your followers know about your new offer by posting a link to your website or landing page. 

Hashtags can improve your results on Twitter because you can potentially reach hundreds of more followers. 

Groups on Facebook give you even more ways to reach a broader audience beyond your immediate followers. You do want to be careful about self-promotion on these groups, however, as many will frown upon self-promotion. Always ask the group moderators first before you post. 

6.      Use Paid Ads

Reaching an audience by organic means is excellent, but it’s certainly not the fastest way to get the word out about your offer if you’re just starting. Building an organic audience and getting seen in the search engines is a long game, but you can speed things up by paying for traffic.

You can get paid traffic to your site by investing in a paid ad campaign, and there are many channels available to you. If you have created the buyer persona above, you should have a good idea about which platform will make the most sense for a paid campaign. 

Facebook, Google AdWords, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn all have online advertising channels you can use to reach a broad audience, as well as target your ads with pinpoint precision. 

7.      Buy Business Email Address

Choosing to buy a business email address is an excellent way to reach a large audience of highly qualified leads quickly. However, you want to make sure you are only buying email addresses you know will return the best results. A quick Google search will reveal a ton of options for buying business email addresses, but not all will provide the quality you need. is a specialized service providing quality email addresses you can use to improve your email marketing results. You won’t be given just any old list, but instead can fine-tune the email addresses you receive according to a wide range of specifications you enter into the interface. 

Your choices include industry (over 7500 categories available), number of personnel, job title, state, and more. Once you have your list, you can then verify each address, so you know your emails will reach their intended target.

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