How To Get Clients For Social Media Marketing (get 3-5 Appointments per day)

So you're looking for new clients for your Social Media Marketing Agency? I'm going to show you how to easily generate 3-5 Quality Appointments per day.

Here’s a full tutorial on how to do that.

Watch The Video Below For The Full Tutorial On How To Get Clients For Your Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA).

Step 1. Finding The Right Prospects

The hardest part about generating new clients for a Marketing Agency is actually finding the right prospects and being able to actually contact them, so I'm going to show you how to do that today.

I'm using Lead Lantern here to do this so let's jump on over to the interface here and let's look at how we might generate leads for social media marketing clients.

I'm going to use restaurants as our example that we want to offer marketing services to.

I'm going to type restaurants into the "Keyword Search" and owner into "Job Title".

Create A Basic Search

Click go and let's see what happens.

Search Results

So we've got a list of owners of restaurants here but we don't have very many, that's because our search is not very defined yet so what I like to do here is grab the SIC code.

Finding The SIC Code

Let's refine this just a little bit, so instead of putting restaurants in the keyword now we're going to use the SIC code which is the restaurant SIC code and "Owner" into "Job Title".

Now we will get all the owners within the "Restaurant SIC Code".

Refine Search With SIC Codes

We've now gone from 86 leads to over 5,000 leads...all of them Owners of Restaurants.

Find More Leads

What we can do now is create a list, let's call it “Social Media Marketing Owners”.

Now let's come over here to our lists and you can see we've now got a list of all of our social media prospects that are restaurant owners.

Create A List

Step 2: Create An Outreach Campaign

Now that we have a list, we can reach out to restaurant owners and offer our social media marketing packages.

Next what we can do is create an email sequence. We're going to create a new sequence using a software like Mailshake.

Next, I'm going back over to our list and selecting all the contacts we want to send an email to.

Select Records To Be Emailed

Step 3: Put The Campaign On Autopilot

We're going to use the template we've just created and schedule it to email prospects daily.

Let's say we want to send out 50 emails a day on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and let's do it on Thursday as well.

Set it up, click schedule and that's it we are done, we’re sending out our messages every day. A software like Mailshake will allow you to easily do this.

That’s it...we’re done.

We’re set up and generating leads on autopilot!

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