How To Find Job Candidates For Recruitment Agencies

One of the biggest challenges Recruitment Agencies face is finding qualified candidates to fill vacant job positions.

Lead Lantern is perfect for this.

So let’s look at how to find an abundance of qualified candidates.

Step #1 - Clearly Define Who You’re looking for

As always, successful prospecting begins with clearly understanding exactly who you’re looking for.

“If you can define can find them”

Lead Lantern comes with a number of advanced search features that allows you to quickly and accurately find ideal potential job candidates.

Search via Job Title, Position, Industry, Size Of Company and so on.

Let’s say you are looking for a Financial Controller with Fortune 5000 experience in the Hospitality sector.

Not a problem...we’ve got it for you.

Searching for employment candidates.
Searching For Employment Candidates

Step #2 - Contact Job Candidates

Lead Lantern makes it super easy to reach out to prospects once they’ve been identified.

Unlike LinkedIn, you don’t have to be connected with the prospect to reach out to them.

We provide email, phone number plus any relevant Social Media details that are available.

With over 40 million verified records in over 7500 industries we make finding and contacting qualified candidates a piece of cake.

Try us out now Free For 7 Days.

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