How to Find CEO and CFO Email Addresses

When you are a B2B company, you want to make sure your marketing campaign is targeting the decision-makers of an organization. Here's how to find CEO and CFO email addresses that will keep your sales team busy. 

  • Use an educated guess (generic email address)
  • Use the Contact Details on Corporate Websites
  • Do a Google Search on CEO and CFO names?
  • Search LinkedIn
  • Buy CEO and CFO leads

Have you ever found yourself wondering why your painstakingly crafted marketing message is coming back crickets? It may be because your search for leads isn't returning the right contact information. Reaching a random person in a company is easy. However, learning how to find CEO and CFO email addresses takes a little more time, but it is the most efficient way to improve your returns.  

Tips for Finding CEO and CFO Email Addresses

The best way to increase conversions is to only deal with the head honchos and decision-makers of a company. If you take the time to search for or buy CEO and CFO leads, you will be ensuring you are only delivering your marketing spiel to the people who can make the sale happen. 

1.      Educated Guessing

When you know a company leader's name, you can always have a stab at guessing their email address. You should already know the domain part of the email (it will be Sometimes, you will be able to reach the CEO just by putting CEO or CFO in front of the email domain like so: 

Many times, this email address will not be the one you need, but there's a reasonable chance that it may get through anyway. 

If you know how the company formats their staff email addresses, and you know the CEO or CFO's name, you could try using the same email format using the CEO's name instead, for example,

2.      Browse Corporate Websites

Most large organizations have a company website which will include a page that details corporate and investor information. You may have to dig a little to find this page, as it will most likely be a separate area of the site not associated with the general public. However, the information on this page is highly likely to contain details about the CFO and CEO. 

You can then use this information to help you track down their email addresses. If you are lucky, they may have their contact details listed directly on the page.

3.      Do a Google Search for your CEO email address search

If you use a CEO's name as part of a Google search when you are doing your CEO email address search and put +email or +contact in front of their name, you could hit pay dirt and score a CEO's email address in the search results. Adding the plus sign in front of your search term will ensure the results are ones that contain those words only. 

Sometimes you may not find the CEO's email address, but you could find other emails you can use to put you in contact with middle management. Rather than discarding them, you can use these contact details as an opportunity to get your foot in the door. 

You aren't likely to get the CEO or CFOs email address on the first go, but you may be able to convince someone in middle management to part with the email of someone slightly higher up the food chain. As you contact each person, you could move your way up the ranks until you are just one step away from getting the CEO's email address. 

4.      Search LinkedIn and Other Professional Networks

LinkedIn is all about networking, so contacting other business owners and CEOs on the site is actively encouraged. You can use LinkedIn as a free service, but it becomes a lot more powerful with a premium membership. 

When you need to get in touch with the top decision-makers of other companies, then a LinkedIn social media profile could be considered almost compulsory. CEOs and CFOs are very active on the network and can often be found making posts and joining discussions related to their industry.

LinkedIn is not the only professional networking site. It may be the largest and most well-known, but you shouldn't ignore the many smaller networking sites, as many of them specialize in particular industries. 

Professional online networking sites can make your search for CEO, and CFO email addresses a lot easier than Googling names on the web. You will be able to search by industry, geography, size of the business, and company type. These are just a few variables that will help you significantly reduce your research time. 

5.      Buy CEO and CFO Leads

The above tips provide a good foundation on how to find CEO and CFO email addresses, but they are let down by the amount of time and research you will need to invest in them. There is a much more efficient way to find CEO and CFO email addresses, and that is to buy them. 

Your time is valuable and trolling the internet for contact details may not be the use of it. Once you have a list of email addresses, you still must spend time verifying each one. With a site like, you can be in and out with a fistful of leads in a matter of minutes. 

Of course, you may have to give the software time to do its thing, but at least you can use that time for more productive pursuits - like crafting the perfect sales pitch, for instance. The software is available as SaaS and has several affordable payment plans. 

Even if you were to pay someone to do your lead research for you, Lead Lantern would still come out on top as the most affordable solution. 

If your CFO and CEO leads haven't been producing the returns you need, then is the tool you need to increase your conversions, while also reducing your workload.  

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