How To Find B2B Emails

Looking to find B2B emails? Then you’re in the right place. Here are 7 ways to Find B2B Emails:

  1. Lead Lantern
  2. LinkedIn
  4. Fiverr
  5. Whois Records
  6. Yellow Pages
  7. Browser Plugins

1. Lead Lantern

Lead Lantern is built specifically to provide B2B emails and contact details for B2B decision makers.

If you want to  find emails of decision makers within specific Industries, then it's very easy to find an abundance of those people simply by using the search features to provide an instant list of B2B emails.

Details Available

These emails are also going to come with the owner's name, phone number, address website, job title, and position.

This information is critical personalisation of outreach when sending out cold emails.

You can search via sic code industry, job title, state city plus a number of other options to refine your search to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to find B2B emails using Lead Lantern’s search Features.


If you're looking to build a large list of decision-makers very quickly with verified B2B dating, Lantern Lantern is going to be the best option to do this.


If you’re looking to find individual details of specific people, then LinkedIn is probably going to be a better option.

2. LinkedIn

If you have a very specific person in mind that you would like to obtain the email address for, then LinkedIn is going to be the best way to do that.

Out of all of our 7 methods for finding emails, LinkedIn is by far the best way to find a person specific email.

With all of the other methods we will be able to find company specific emails but it can be very difficult to actually find a specific person.

To use LinkedIn to find an email of a specific person you will first need a LinkedIn account.

Next perform a search to find the person that you're looking for and once you have found that person you will need to send them a connection request.

Assuming that person then connects with us we should be able to see their personal email address.

Alternatively you may use LinkedIn’s premium feature and send a message directly to the person via “InMail”.


LinkedIn is the best way to find a specific person.


Impossible to get any volume with LinkedIn.


If you're simply looking for contact emails for specific businesses and you're not too concerned about the person that email address belongs to, is potentially a good option.

Hunter is great if you have a list of websites that are in a niche that you would like email addresses for.

Upload a list of URL's and Hunter will come back with all of the available email addresses for those domains.


Hunter has a free option, so if you don't need very many email addresses, the free option may work for you.


There are several disadvantages to Hunter, the first being that you have to create a list of potential prospects yourself.

You cannot search an industry as with Lead Lantern for example.

Someone is required ahead of time to build a targeted Prospect list to upload to hunter,  so some work is required ahead of time.

If you’re willing and able to do that, Hunter can provide the emails for those prospects.

4. Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelance site where you can hire freelancers to perform pretty much any task that you want.

One of those tasks is to find email addresses from websites or to find contact details.

By using the search feature within Fiverr on their website, you'll be able to see all of the freelancers offering email collection services or email scraping services.

Using Fiverr To Find Emails


The big advantage to using a Freelancer from Fiverr to perform this task is obviously that you simply don't have to perform this task yourself.

You may also use them to build a list of URLs in the industry that you wish to find emails from and then take those URLs to


The downside to this is obviously there are multiple steps involved in the process and this can become very time consuming and somewhat confusing.

Using Freelancers from Fiverr is also not always as cost-effective as it may first seem.

Prices can range anywhere from $0.10 up to $1 per email found.

5. Whois

The next option for finding email addresses is using the “Whois directory”.

Using "Whois" To Find Emails

The whois directory is a directory of registrations of websites.

Quite often the registrar of a website is the owner of the business so if you have the URL of a website and you would like to find the personal email address of the owner of that website, whois can sometimes be a way to successfully achieve this.


The big advantage to using whois is that it's free!


The downside of this method of finding B2B email addresses is that most domain name providers provide Domain privacy which if on, will prevent you from seeing who owns the domain and their contact details.

6. Yellow Pages

As most people know the Yellow Pages is a Business Directory.

If you’re looking for email addresses that are specific to Industries and not specific to particular people then the Yellow Pages may be an option for you.

In most countries were the Yellow Pages are available, the businesses listed within it have a contact email address that can be seen publicly.

This means that let's say you were looking for email addresses of plumbers, we will be able to find contact details for any number of plumbing companies that are listed within the Yellow Pages.

Simply follow the steps below.

search yellow pages
Search For What You're Looking For

Find email with yellow pages
Click On "More Info" To Reveal The B2B Email Address


The advantage of using the Yellow Pages is that it's very easy to gather a large number of emails very quickly and there is very little if any cost associated with it.

There are also Yellow Pages email scraping software available that will help you automate the task of finding the B2B emails.


The big disadvantage to using the Yellow Pages to find B2B email addresses is that generally speaking, the contact emails that are found are not personal emails but role emails such as sales@, info@ etc.

You will also not be able to find any personal details associated with those emails such as job role, name, or position within the company.

This makes those emails much harder to use for successful outreach as it's very difficult to personalise any information when reaching out to those companies via a cold email.

To find email addresses using Yellow Pages follow the instructions below.

7. Browser Plugins

The last option for finding email addresses is to use your browser plugins.

There are a number of options available such as “Email Extractor” and “”.

As the name suggests, these function in the browser and generally will find email addresses from the source code of any website that you are visiting.

Depending on what browser plugin you’re using, you can gather emails from a variety of sources but predominantly it tends to be from LinkedIn.

These can range in price from free all the way up to quite expensive.

Generally speaking the free options will be very limited in how many emails you can extract each month.


Advantages of browser plugins to find B2B email addresses is that they can be very inexpensive and depending on which ones you use, can be fairly effective.


The disadvantage is that generally speaking, you’re going to have to be on the website at the time the browser plugin is looking for the email.

You're also faced with the problem of a lack of personalisation in detail.

When a plugin grabs an email from a website, generally it’s not going to have the person's name, job title etc associated.

It is only going to grab emails that are in the source code of that particular website, no extra details.

Another disadvantage is that this can be very time consuming as you literally have to visit each website in order to gather email addresses from that particular site.


As you can see there are many ways to find B2B email addresses.

The best way depends on how many email addresses you need and the level of detail that you require.

If you don't need very many emails or you don't need a great deal of detail then maybe the Yellow Pages or a browser plugin will work just fine for you.

If you're looking for a large number of B2B emails on a regular basis to feed your marketing machine and you’re looking for considerably more detail associated with those email addresses, Lead Lantern is probably going to be a better option for you.

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