Buy B2B Email Database – 7 Factors To Consider

Looking to buy a B2B Email Database? Here are 7 factors to consider when making a purchasing decision.

1. Only Buy The B2B Data You Need.

Buying a list of 100,000 decision makers may seem like a great idea at the time but the reality’s not!

Here’s the issues…

You simply can’t email that many people. Sending cold emails is not a case of loading up vast spreadsheets of emails and clicking’s not that easy.

Sending cold emails in large volume is virtually impossible and is likely to get you in trouble.

The name of the game is specificity and personalisation, that’s what works, that’s how to stay out of the spam box and that’s how to keep your marketing legitimate and above board.

Curate a list of targeted prospects, personalise the emails and employ a strategy of accuracy and specificity, not a strategy of volume.

By only buying the email data you need through careful search will save you time, money and a myriad of potential problems.

2. What Are The Data Usage Terms?

A lot of B2B email data provided will only allow for one time use of the data. This precludes the ability to follow up with prospects (which is where most of the magic happens).

Avoid B2B data providers that only allow one time usage. These providers will “Seed” email lists with monitored emails so they can determine how many times the list has been used.

Violate the terms of the agreement and you’ll most likely be in for some  hefty penalties.

Seek out providers who allow for unlimited use of the data provided.

3. Avoid Data Scraped From Web Directories

Data scraped from Yellow Pages and Yelp for example is generally very low quality, role emails without the detail required for personalisation.

You’re looking for data that ideally contains name, position, role, website, industry etc so your outreach can be hyper targeted.

Sending an email to with no name, role or detail is very likely to be met by the gatekeeper, if it gets delivered at all!

4. Avoid Non Verified Data

All B2B email databases are going to have a certain amount of error due to unavoidable data decay.

People quit, change jobs, companies close etc. No list will be 100% accurate but the question is how recent was the data verification.

24 hours after a 100% accurate list is compiled...there will inevitably be some errors.

For example, at Lead Lantern, we verify all data at the point of use. 24 hour old data is too old for us!

By that I mean every time you send an email, export data to a CRM or download as a CSV...we re-verify at that very moment before the task is performed.

If we can’t verify it at the time of use, we delete it and you do not pay for it.

This is why our email lists have exceptionally low bounce rates.
Most B2B providers claim to verify records and no doubt they are telling the truth...but how long ago did that verification happen?

5. Ease Of Use Of B2B Email Databases

It’s important to consider how easy it will be to use the data once you have it.

How do you receive that data? How do you make it usable once you have it?

Most providers will send you the data as a CSV.

This means that you will then need to find a 3rd party email service provider like Mailshake, upload the CSV, map out the relevant fields, figure out how to upload and segment the files and if you can do all of that...figure out how to create an email campaign and actually send out.

Not easy or convenient!

That’s why at Lead Lantern, we have built in email software. Once you have built your ideal list simply create a campaign directly in the user interface and click go.

No exporting, importing or any unnecessary complications :)

6. Avoid Pre-Made, Industry Specific Lists

These lists will have been sold many times and the prospects on those lists will have been marketed too many times as well.

It may be tempting and seem like a pot of gold upon first view...but it’s really not a good idea.

Take the time and build a bespoke list of prospects via the search feature available in Lead Lantern.

7. Get A Sample List Before You Buy

Any reputable B2B Email database provider will provide you with a sample list before you buy.

Even suspicious.

Categorically avoid providers who will only show you a screenshot of a want real data you can verify.

Ideally you want to be able to test a sample that you’ve selected, not a sample selected for you.

That’s why at Lead Lantern we offer an unrestricted FREE TRIAL so you can select the data you want and test it out for yourself.

Don’t take our word for it see it for yourself.

Lead Lantern Free Trial

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