The 5 Essential Elements Of A High Convert Landing Page

Here are the 5 essential elements required for a high converting landing page or marketing campaign.

  • Headline
  • The Big Benefit
  • The Hero Shot
  • Call To Action
  • Testimonials

What’s the big deal about Landing Pages?

Let’s start out with a bold statement. “Without a good landing page your online marketing is doomed to fail”.

The landing page is without doubt the single most important element of a winning campaign and simply by having this guide you now have a huge advantage over your competitors.

I hope for your sake you read it.

Most advertisers simply send expensive traffic to the Home Page of their website or a Contact Us page.

After reading this guide I hope you’ll never do that again or if you’re doing that now, I hope you’ll stop it quickly.

So what’s the difference between a Landing Page and a Home Page?

Think of it like this...Imagine you’re flying for the first time and you’re traveling from Los Angeles to New York.

You pay a taxi driver to take you to the airport (LAX). When you get to the airport he just drops you off at this huge airport and drives off.

You’re left standing there very confused and not really sure what to do next. You know you’re at the right place but you feel very uneasy and not comfortable at all.

Now imagine the same scenario but this time instead of being dropped at the door and left to fend for yourself, somebody opens the taxi door for you and says to you “Are you Mr X? Then follow me I’m here to help you make your journey”.

They tell you that they’re going to take you to the check-in desk where you’ll give them your bags and then walk you to the departure lounge.

They tell you where to go, what to do next and everything you need to safely and comfortably make your journey.

Which do you prefer?

Well the home page of a website is much like the first scenario, all of the information you need to make your trip is there but it’s often confusing and doesn’t really guide the user. It’s simply a big map or menu.

It offers choices instead of guidance.

Think of the airport again, you get out of the taxi and somebody hands you a map and walks off, that map contains what you need but unless you know where you’re going that map’s pretty useless to you.

It only adds to your overwhelm and stress.

If instead of giving you a map somebody came to you and said  “Are you Mr X?” Yes, “Then I’m here to help you and make sure you catch your plane, follow me, I’m here to guide you through this”.

That’s a much better experience don’t you think?

This is  exactly what a good landing page does. It asks the question “Are you here for this reason?


Then follow me

The home page simple hands you a map and walks off!

I’m hoping you can see the difference here. So let’s break this down to the individual elements that make a great landing page.

What makes a great landing page?

The answer to that quest is emphatically CONVERSION.

It converts visitors into leads or customers - that’s it period!

The landing page has one job and one job only, to make conversions. It isn’t good because it’s pretty, it isn’t good because it’s clever, it isn’t good because your best friend told you it’s good.

It’s good if it makes money and nothing else. This is the only metric a landing page is measured by (by savvy marketers at least, there are plenty of broke marketers that use other metrics).

So that being said let’s look at the 5 elements that need to be present to maximise that all important conversion rate or “CR”.

Element #1 - The Headline

This is without doubt the most critical part of the Landing Page. If we think about our airport example the headline would be “Are you Mr X here for your flight to New York?”

Without this question nothing happens. If Mr X answers “Yes”, then we know exactly what to do next, we respond “excellent, I’m here to help you get to New York”.

Now the relationship has been established.

If the headline was wrong, “Are you Mrs Y going to Las Vegas”, we could never have performed our job.

Mr X would respond “no”. We simply asked the wrong question to the right person.

So let’s look at some examples of great headlines

Typical Headline on a Home Page:

“#1 in Dental Care Since 1967”

(The visitor to this website answers in their mind “So what, I want my teeth whitened, I don’t care when you were established”)

The Great Headline Asks:

“Are You Looking To Whiten Your Teeth by at Least 4 Shades?”

(Now the  visitor answers “Yes, that’s exactly what I want”)

Now the relationship is established, we’ve located Mr X. Now we can start to lead Mr X to where we want to take him.

We’ve assumed the role of a guide, not just simply handing over a map.

Here are a few rules to follow when constructing a profitable headline.

#1 Clear Beats Clever

Clearly state what you’re offering and who it’s for. Concrete language is our friend, abstraction is the enemy.



“Discover a New You in 30 Days”


“Looking For a Gym? 30 Day Free Trial for New Members”


“#1 Dental Practice 10 Years In A Row”


“Want The Best Implants At The Best Price? Call Now For Free Consultation”

#2 Set Up The Offer

Now that we know we are speaking with the right person, set up the offer. In our airport example we told Mr X we’re going to guide him through the process of catching his plane.

Here’s an example of how to do this.

Headline: Missing Teeth Hurting Your Smile?”.

1: We’re identifying ourselves to the prospect. (We’re Dentists)

We’re setting up the offer here of a free consultation so two things are now happening.

2: We’re implying what we are going to offer them. (Free Consultation)

Now there should be no surprises when we make our Call To Action (CTA).

Here’s a great example:

Example Of A Good Landing Page

Very simple, very clear, it calls out to a very specific audience and nicely guides you to the next step.

Element #2 - The Hero Shot

The second element is the “Hero Shot” this is the graphic element to the page. This can be a number of different things based on the business. Here are a few proven options.

  1. The product
  2. Happy people
  3. How it works
  4. A video

I would suggest for Cosmetic Dental that a “Non-Gory” picture of the product works well.

Here’s an example of a  good Hero Shots that proved very effective (sensitive info has been removed).

“The Product”

Product Image

“Happy People”

Element #3 - Benefits

Ask this question hypothetically in your mind to the visitors to your website…

Why are you here and what do you want?

The answer to this question is your big benefit and needs to be front and centre on your landing page.

I can also guarantee that the answer is not about you, it’s about them.

Let’s go back to our airport example. Mr X knows he needs help so he goes to the customer service desk at the airport and says “I need some help please”, the employee then immediately answers:

no problem sir, we’re an FAA licensed airport and have been in business since 1934, we have over 10,000 flights a day arriving or departing and a first class safety record, does that help?.

Is Mr X impressed by this or frustrated? Does he care?

No, he just wants a solution to his problem not a history lesson and a list of qualifications.

In order to really help Mr X the customer service employee has to start with the question “what can I help you with, what do you want?”.

Until that question has been answered it’s almost impossible to give Mr X what he wants.

Let’s go to the next step, what about if we put two desks side by side, one has the sign...

“Customer Service”

The other has the sign...

“Get Directions To Your Flight Free Of Charge”

Knowing what you know now, which one is Mr X most likely to go to?

We could even take it one step further. What if a third sign said...

“Is This Your First Time Flying And Feeling a Bit Lost? Get Help Here”

Who gets Mr X’s attention and ultimately his BUSINESS?

You’ve got to know why they’re here and what they want.

Don’t make generic, thoughtless statements.

Most businesses are simply putting up a sign that says “Customer Service”.

Hopefully you’re not going to do that anymore, you’re going to ask the good questions that mean something to your prospects and give the answers your prospects need.

Don’t frustrate them - Help Them!

To conclude this section, the headline and benefits should be very closely related, your headline should be a clear statement of your biggest benefit.

Element #4 - Call To Action

As we have already discussed, we’re assuming the role of a guide in this process, we achieve this with a clear Call To Action (CTA).

“Are you Mr X?” - “Yes”

By now we have identified our prospect and we’ve identified why they’re here…

“Are You Here for your flight to New York?” - “Yes”

Next we need to give a clear Call To Action for our prospect to take.

“Great, then follow me”.

On a landing page in your business this could be one or more of the following actions.

1. Fill out a contact request

2. Make a phone call to the business

3. Download a free report

For more ecommerce based businesses the action is generally going to be a sale.

Regardless of the type of CTA, we want it to follow a few simple rules.

1. It’s Extremely clear.

2. It’s on the top half of the page.

3. It’s risk free.

4. It’s easy for the prospect to do.

5. It solves a problem or moves the prospect closer to a solution.

Here’s an example of a page with a clear Call To Action

Good Call To Action

OK, almost done…

Element #5 - Testimonials

I won’t say much about this as it should be pretty self explanatory.

What I will say is that when prospects are not sure, they look to social proof and to the experience of others.

By adding case studies, before and after photo’s and written and video testimonials, you will greatly improve the conversion rate and profitability of your campaign.



A few simple tips here to maximise results.

1. Use real people (photos, not stock images).

2. Be specific, talk about the results achieved.

3. Include contact details (if you can, it’s not always a good idea) it makes it more believable.

Putting It All Together

Now we have all the elements of a very profitable landing page, let’s put it all together.

Below is a proven template that works over and over again. It works exceptionally well in the Cosmetic Dental industry where the goal is to get the prospect on the phone to book a consultation or to offer an estimate or appraisal.

The Format

  1. The Headline
  2. Hero Shot
  3. Benefits
  4. Testimonials
  5. Call To Action

Bonus: The Secret Sauce That Guarantees Success

Split test everything. This is just a guide, a great starting point for a successful campaign but test, test, test.

We’ve seen results as dramatic as x32 better response rates between two different landing pages for the same service in the same business.

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