Why You Should Buy A Targeted Email List

Successful email marketing campaigns will always achieve better results when you target your message to specific audiences. The return on your investment will be much higher when you buy targeted email list, as your message is more likely to reach highly qualified prospects. 

Read on to learn more about buying targeted email lists, including:

  1. Advantages of buying an email list.
  2. Should you buy a targeted email list?
  3. How much does it cost to buy email lists?
  4. The best place to buy email lists.

1.      Advantages When You Buy Targeted Email Lists

The primary purpose of a targeted mailing list is to ensure your message reaches the right audience. If you have a marketing message that is relevant to plumbers, you don't want an email list that puts your message into the inboxes of electricians and carpenters. When the recipients do not need your product or service, they will not respond favorably to an email from your company. 

Showing your message to the right people will improve your open and reply rates, as well as help your email avoid the spam filters.  You will also be more likely to inspire the recipients of a targeted email campaign to enter your sales funnel. 

Targeted email lists eliminate those recipients who are unlikely to care about what your company is offering. 

Email service providers charge according to volume. Targeting a specific audience helps you control the size of your database and reduce the number of emails you send out without impacting on the campaign's performance. 

In most cases, you will reduce your costs at the same time as improving your results. Using fewer resources of your email service provider can also potentially save you hundreds of dollars a year. 

2.      Should You Buy Targeted Email Lists

Email marketing continues to provide the best returns of any digital marketing strategy. However, if you haven't yet created a list or are just starting, it can take months to build up a decent-sized database of suitably qualified prospects.

When you buy targeted email lists, you should be careful about which company you use as a provider; otherwise, you could fall afoul of CAN-SPAM rules and regulations. 

Many companies will sell you a low-quality list that includes a large proportion of dead emails and ineffective leads. 

A list of inferior quality may also get you into trouble with your email service provider. If they deem the list to be low quality, they could block your account, or penalize you in some other way according to their T and C's. 

Now that you know to only use a reputable source for your targeted email lists, buying one is an excellent idea for several reasons:

Targeted email lists are easy to get – When you use the right provider, a targeted list of high-quality leads provides near-instant access to thousands of hot prospects. 

You can focus on business growth – Building an email list via the traditional routes takes a great deal of time and resources. When you have a readymade list, you focus more on the company's growth, rather than worry about the size of your email database.  

Targeted lists are cost-efficient – You are paying money for a list, so it may seem counterintuitive to call it cost-efficient. However, when you consider the potential return email marketing can provide, the small investment in your list is a minor consideration. 

3.      How Much Does It Cost to Buy Targeted Email List

How much your email list will cost will depend on the provider. Generally, a list with a few thousand emails can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. However, verifying the quality may be problematic.

With most email list providers, you won't have any indication about quality until you receive many bounces, or your email service provider shuts you down. 

There is a better way to purchase a targeted list, which is both affordable and provides an all in one solution that makes setting up and running a campaign a walk in the park. You also won't run into any issues with spam when you choose the solution below. 

4. The Best Place to Buy Email Lists

When you want to be as efficient as possible about your targeted email campaign, you should head to LeadLantern.io as it's the best place to buy email lists for many reasons:

You can use your Gmail account with the software – Lead Lantern works with most major email providers, but Google Apps emails are designed for business outreach specifically. 

Reliable data – You will never be able to secure a list with a 100% accuracy, but Lead Lantern consistently returns databases that are between 85% and 95% accurate. Real-time verification also limits the number of bounces and undeliverable emails you will receive on your list.  Verifying your database can be done in real-time, so you are not charged for data that cannot be verified. 

It's a complete done for you service – The software creates your list from the specifications you enter. It then sends outreach messages to all prospects via email. Emails are sent out periodically at a duration you provide. Any prospects which don't reply are automatically deleted from the database.  

Automate your follow up – you can typically achieve a 200 – 300% conversion rate or appointments booked with the software's proprietary "Smart" follow up.

You will never know if a service is right for you until you have tried it, which is why Lead Lantern offers a free trial of their software before you commit to one of their affordable plans. You can use the software from anywhere because it's entirely web-based and operates in any current browser. 

As you can see, Lead Lantern provides a powerful all-in-one solution where you can purchase highly qualified prospects' email addresses, and then set up your campaign to contact and get them into your sales funnel. You will no doubt appreciate that your time investment will be minimal, as the entire process can be completed in less than 20 minutes a day.

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